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Therapeutic Bath

In a therapeutic bath, the reduced gravity favors the mobility of your articulations. The flow of water continually circulating carries out a light massage which is combined with the effect of regenerating active ingredients, and anti-inflammatory.

You can choose from a variety of flavors such as mud, chocolate, lavender , valerian and lemon balm, orange and lime blossoms, thyme, eucalyptus and lemon as well as chamomile.


Body Exfoliation

Gentle massage carried out with a salt coming from Dead Sea aromatized with eucalyptus, vanilla or lavender leaving you with a soft skin sensation. This process removes the oldest dead skin cells on the outer layer of your skin to reveal the newer skin beneath.


Belgium Chocolate Body Wrap

There are multiple benefits of Chocolate Body Wraps:

  • There are multiple benefits of Chocolate Body Wraps:

    • They play an anti-stress part. They particularly have an invigorating effect.
    • They stimulate the central nervous system.
    • They act on the neuro-transmitters, having an antidepressif effect.
    • They drive out tiredness and reinforce the physical and psychic capacities.
    • They are rich in mineral salt, especially out of phosphorus and magnesium.
    • They act as antioxydants thanks to the flavonoides cocoa.
    • The tryptophan included in it protects from arteriosclerosis.
    • They attenuate coagulation, increasing the fluidity of blood at the same time.
    • They favour vascular reliefs.

    N.B. : Its hydrating, softening and nutritive capacities are due to its high concentration of avocado and sunflower oil.

    Orange essential oil is energizing, invigorating and refreshing.
    Peppermint essential oil is healing and stimulates the nervous system thus helping the vasodilator and circulation.

    Cinnamon essential oil is aphrodisiac, stimulates the cardiac and respiratory systems.

    Other Body Wrap

    Your body is wrapped in a crushed seaweed mixture that has a soft and creamy texture. You could also choose a mixture of healing lavender and goat milk. Then we envelop you with a heating blanket to eliminate all toxins and maximize the nourishing and revitalizing effect.



    The sauna is a Finnish tradition dating back over 2000 years, which provides many benefits such as improving circulation, issuing endorphines and releasing muscular tensions. The sudation and open pores eliminate toxins insuring healthy deep skin.
    Combining the warmth of a sauna therapeutic oil (mint or eucalyptus), bronchi and the respiratory system are improved.

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