The Center offers excellent therapeutic and relaxing massages given by professional massage therapists. Let us guide you to a complete relaxation in a calm and warm atmosphere. Our personnel will be pleased to meet with you before your massage in order to offer you personalized services.

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Swedish Massage

  • Reliving Swedish Massage (unties the muscular tensions and supports the relaxation)
  • Specific Swedish Massage (targets certain areas of the body like the back, the legs and shoulders)
  • Therapeutic Swedish Massage (specific techniques of massage for muscles and articulations)

Oil massages recognized to improve:

  • Blood circulation
  • Control of the day to day stress in appeasing the nervous system
  • Sleep quality in combating insomnia
  • The flexibility of the skin
  • The control of the Muscular tension
  • The elimination of the toxins of the muscle fibre
  • Digestion

Various techniques of Kinetic Swedish Massage (Kinetic = movement):

  • Effleurage - shaving
  • Petrissage - kneading
  • friction
  • pressure
  • percussion
  • vibration
  • drainage
  • brushing

Sport Massage

Sport massage uses every technique that favours the athlete performances, keeping in mind his training, competing and rehabilitating conditions. Its main purpose is to fight tensions.

Other purposes of the massage are to prevent injuries, regenerate tissues and prepare the athlete for peak performance.

The massage therapist role is:

  • Before the competition to:
    • reduces muscle tensions and promote flexibility of the athlete for the duration of the event.
  • After the competition to:
    • creates a prolonged state of relaxation and eases muscle aches.

Advantages of Sport Massages

It can contribute to :

  • maintain your body in a better physical condition.
  • prevent injuries and the loss of mobility.
  • improve your performance and endurance.
  • The healing of your body and relieve swelling.
  • Giving you back your mobility and make your sport life healthier and longer.

Shiatsu Massage

Originating form Japan, Shiatsu Massage helps balancing a persons? energy flow using palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, elbows, knees and sometimes the feet, to apply pressure to particular section of the body's acupuncture points, along the body's meridians.

The shiatsu makes it possible to maintain a balanced

  • mental
  • physics and
  • emotional health

Especially, the shiatsu has a very good influence in the control of the followings:

  • migraines, insomnia, nosebleed
  • cardiac diseases (angina)
  • nervous breakdown, anxieties, distress, drug-addiction
  • digestive disorders (colitis, constipation, vomiting, morning nauseas associated with pregnancy)
  • osteoarthritis, arthritis, lumbago, sciatic nerve, stiff neck


Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, usually directed at the feet, the hands and the ears. When the reflexes are stimulated, the body's natural electrical energy works along the nervous system to clear any blockages in the corresponding zones. It benefits the blood circulation; relax the body with the removal of stress, and helps attenuating the pain.


Lymphatic Drainage

By a series of manual handling, the lymphatic drainage ensures the organization a better distribution of the lymph, liquidates organic rich person in feeder elements. This technique also makes it possible to purify fabrics while avoiding their swelling. It contributes moreover to regenerate the cells, to unchoke certain vital bodies and to reinforce the immune system.

The two most important functions of the lymphatic system are the maintenance of fluid levels within the body (our internal environment) and our immunity.

Working with flat hands, using all the fingers to stimulate gentle, specific wave-like movements, these subtle manual maneuvers map out inactive areas and direct lymph flow back to natural channels. Decreases congestion in lymph nodes and increases lymph and interstitial fluid circulation enhancing the function of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems.

The Lymphatic System is one of the five main elimination channels in the body along with the skin, lungs, kidneys and bowels. It is a major route for the absorption of nutrients from digestion into the tissues and is also the body’s metabolic waste disposal system. It clears toxins, and waste which cannot be removed by any other means from the tissues and cells.

Lymphatic Drainage is beneficial for pain management, arthritis, detoxification, chronic fatigue, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, water retention stress, and increased sense of well being.


Massage for expecting women

Expecting women can also benefit from the Swedish massage. A special attention is given to the comfort of the mother-to-be. Many massages for expecting women are given with the pregnant woman on her side. A team of especially trained massage therapists is assigned to this type of treatment.

Restriction :
Not recommended before 12 weeks of pregnancy.


Hot Stones Massage

massage pierres chaudes

This ancient type of massage comes from the Navajo Indians. During this massage, you will be in contact with a source of heat transmitted by volcanic stones. These stones are recognized for their thermal and energetic properties, it brings a wonderful wellbeing.

From an energy point of view, it helps resourcing the body. The stones are placed on the chakra zones in order to diffuse all energies and to rebalance them. After this massage, you feel, not only a state of deep relief, but also a feeling of regeneration which lasts much longer than a traditional massage.

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